Aqua Cat 14 Catamaran Sailboat

The larger version of one of the world's most popular one design catamarans brings you performance, simplicity and weight carrying capabilities not offered in other catamarans this size. Featuring wide, flat bottom hulls with turned up bows and a small keel skeg, the pontoon design is unequaled in weight carrying capacity and planing speed. The small keels have replaced the daggerboards used on the smaller Aqua Cat and allow for easy beaching thru the surf. Designed for ocean sailing or inland lakes this cat has it all. The Aqua Cat 14 is ideal for four large adults or where capabilities to support 1,000 lbs. are needed.

The boomless sail rig supported by the tubular "a" frame provides simplicity and safety not found in traditional wire shroud designs. One sheetline and a simple tiller arrangement result in sailing simplicity, fun and excitement. Weighing in at 230 lbs. and with a 6-1/2 foot beam, it can easily be car topped or trailered to your favorite spot on the beach. Constructed of hand laid fiberglass, anodized aluminum tubing and stainless steel fasteners, maintenance is at a minimum. The rudder system is durable all aluminum construction with gudgeons through bolted to aluminum plates inside the hull and features wide performance designed aluminum blades. Positive foam flotation in each hull, plus the added feature of the mast flotation ball provide a measure of confidence and safety.

Standard features include spring loaded kick up rudders, 105 sq. ft. Dacron two colored sail, a 360 quick release cleat and rudder lift systems. Available with white hulls with red side stripes and four sail combinations, the Aqua Cat offers a performance fun package not to be missed. Experience the Aqua Cat feeling.