Pool Party

POOLPARTY is built for the standard 36 inch (shallow-end) pool depth.
The tabletop height extends 42 inches above the pool floor.
This ensures that what you put on the table can remain mostly dry.
If you have a deeper 42" or 48" depth pool, we offer extension kits to accommodate you.
You can rest assured that your chips and playing cards won't get too soggy.
The table has ample bracing, as shown. These braces also serve as foot rests at various heights.
The table surface measures 42 inches across giving plenty of room for four to eight individuals to comfortably gather around it.
You may want to count your friends, and add more chairs so that you dont leave anyone sitting on the concrete!
The chairs are designed to slip comfortably up to and under the table
with the seat height set at thirty inches (30).
The armrests are designed to comfortably extend out of the water,
enabling you to keep your arms and hands dry, enjoy beverages,
snacks and conversation all while being partially immersed in the water!
This allows you to sit in the warm water, yet your arms are free and dry above.
You'll be amazed at how comfortable you remain, especially on the hottest summer days!
It's truly pool comfort that can beat the heat!
Don't forget the shade.
The POOLPARTY set is best topped off with one of our three styles of sun umbrella.
We offer traditional patio style 7-1/2 foot and 8-1/2 foot garden umbrellas
in attractive jungle prints as well as a 9 foot oriental style.
All three offer a color-coordinated mesh fabric which allows partial sunlight to penetrate.
You can still get a tan while being partially protected from the sun!