Winky Inflatable Pools

Thermo-bordered fabric pools for resort grade durability. Portable, quick to set up and safe,
the pools can be added to childrens playgrounds or pool areas with ease. Various sizes available.

Winky 4 complete with Inflator, Deluxe maintenance kit, ladder, skimmer and filtration system.

Winky : the freedom
Easy to transport, easy to set up, the Winky follows you anywhere at home, or on vacation. It can
be folded in a "wink" for easy storage.

Winky : the safety
Years of experience and technology are now available for your leisure and safety. Zodiac, a name you
can trust in above ground pools.

Winky : the entertainment
Enjoy the water with your entire family. Swim or play : the sides of the pool are soft and comfortable.
For the youngest, the Winky dimensions and depth are ideal : they will delight in playing, and splashing around.

MODEL Exterior Interior Overall Volume Shipping Shipping
diameter diameter height of water weight sizes
WINKY 4 5.00 m/16'5" 3,80 m/12'6" 1,05 m/3'5" 12 m3 52 kg/120lbs 1,20 x 0,60 x 0,45 m
WINKY 5 6,30 m/20'8" 5,00 m/16'5" 1,05 m/3'5" 23 m3 68 kg/150lbs 1,20 x 0,60 x 0,55 m
WINKY 6 7, 30 m/23'11" 6,00 m/19'8" 1,05 m/3'5" 34 m3 84 kg/1 90lbs 1,20 x 0,60 x 0,55 m
WINKY 8 9,50 m/31'2" 7,80 m/25'7" 1,30 m/4'3" 60 m3 200 kg/445lbs 1,80 x 0,80 x 0,45 m
5' 11 "x2' 7"x 1 '6'.