Molokai 350 Clear Bottom Inflatable Boat


There is a place where incredible performance meetsinnovative design & where a word like boundary has nomeaning at all. The patented Molokai motorized 4passenger inflatable boat with Clearblue PolycarbonateViewing Panel gives you a glimpse into the astonishingmysteries of the deep. Enjoy the dazzling underwaterworld of coral reefs, and prepare to see the blue depthsas never before. Escape from the trap of your ownconcrete jungle and come experience how the Seas cometo Life with Clear Blue Hawaii. The patented innovativeAmphibianArmor Splash Guard keeps you and yourgear dry in adverse conditions. The hull is constructed outof a durable hi-tenacity military grade Tarpaulin material with a deck made out of next generation Hyper DispersionFiber Inflatable Flooring. 2-piece oars, two bench seats, & foot pump come standard. As an option you can add thepatented Shock Absorbant Hyper Dispersion Fiber Inflatable Seating Cushions. The Clear Blue Hawaii Molokai, atriumph of engineering, innovation, design, and craft.


Patented Technology
Clearblue Polycarbonate Viewing Panel
Hi-Tenacity Military Grade Tarpaulin Hull
Next Generation Hyper Dispersion Fiber Inflatable
Shock Absorbent Hyper Dispersion Fiber InflatableSeating
AmphibianArmor Splash Guard
Up to 5 passengers
Up to 20 hp Compatible
Portable Compact Storage