Liquid Shredder Stand Up Paddle Boards

1. Q: What type of core is used in making Clear Blue Hawaii Stand Up Boards?A: We use EPS core
2. Q: In the past what traditional type of Foam was used to make surfboards?A: Most boards were made using Polyurethane Foam which was the standard for almost 50 years.
3. Q: What is the benefit of EPS vs PolyurethaneA: EPS has now been adopted industry wide and has multiple benefits over Polyurethane cores:⢠Lighter⢠Better moisture wicking properties⢠Compatible with Epoxy resin which has better elasticity, adhesion to foam, strongerand lighter than the Polyester resins used in boards with Polyurethane cores⢠Since EPS is compatible with Epoxy resin it is also more environmentally friendly andhealthier for the work environment emitting 50-75% fewer VOCs