Molded Rock Climbing Panels

Molded Rock Climbing Panels with a rock like look and feel, giving the ultimate in climbing experiences. These Panels can be configured to suit almost every size and design of wall, the holds are interchangeable giving you complete versatility to continue to thrill your clients with new and exciting routes.

The climbing holds are interchangeable and the routes can be rearranged as desired, our instructor will teach you this skill.
UV rating for exterior installation insures years of outdoor enjoyment.
Molded polymer concrete panels, have a sandstone texture for realistic yet nonabrasive
Each panel has 10 - 12 t-nut / hanger placements, enabling a multitude of route designs
The panels are attached to a pinch pipe frame which is mounted to your existing structure.
The Modular Panel wall can be designed to be a freestanding semi portable climbing wall, which can be moved from indoors to outdoors. The process will take 2 - 5 days inclusive (plus travel time) depending on the size of the wall desired. You will be trained to disassemble and reassemble the wall including setting new climbing routes.