Kids Climbing Rocks

hot new trend in rock climbing is the creation of kids climbing rocks from 5 ½ to 7 ½ feet in height. These are an excellent addition to playgrounds, waterparks, and mini golf complexes. Water Ventures designs and installs a mulch or sand playing area with timber borders.

Each one of our pieces, hand sculpted from fiberglass reinforced concrete, is a unique artistic creation in its own right. After sculpting, the piece will be stoned to give it the look of glacial erosion. Then 7 to 10 layers of special coatings are applied to evoke the quartz, mica, oxides, and lichens found in and on granite. After that, subtle water streaks are are added to impart the final imprint of realism. Sealers are then applied to protect against weather and graffiti.

20030: 6.5' Lizard Boulder
20031: 5.5' Turtle Boulder
20032: 11.5' Cerro Torre Boulder