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aqua1smIn 2001, the Aquasphere was launched in the United States with the single room Aquasphere Light. The Floating Glass Bottom Pod was well received by hundreds of customers.

However, the general consensus are the need to design and build a larger model at approximately 30 feet in diameter featuring a large living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, 2nd story, sun deck, and an expansive outdoor deck. The new and larger Aquasphere will be available soon

aqua2smThe Aquasphere is self contained, floating habitat for 2-6 persons.

The fiberglass shell features wrap around windows, a glass bottom underwater viewing pane, luxury living features including A/C, Plasma TV, Stereo system, Jacuzzi, wireless internet hook ups, ergonomic furniture, indoor and outdoor lighting etc.

aqua3smTechnology features include the latest waste treatment technology, solar panels, environmentally clear systems, shore power or independent power options.

The result is an exceptional living pod which provides the up-close enjoyment of underwater and above water sea, island, and bay environments. There is nothing like it.

aqua4smWater Ventures will design and construct single Aquaspheres on order or we can offer complete floating resorts including floating walkways, resort outbuilding for the shore, power pods and infrastructure.

Aquaspheres will be configured on order as floating restaurants (with options to join 2-3 units as separate rooms), dive platforms complete with tanks, compressors and other support equipment, and as floating laboratories for environmental groups and schools to study coral reefs and marine life in general.



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